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Hot Rods and Classic Car Prints

Hot Rods

If you're attracted to heavy chrome, glossy custom paint, glints and lens flairs, this section is sure to please.

Superchargers, fuel injection and slicks also make a large contribution to the makeup of each precision master print, then buffed to perfection before and after processing.

Each custom scene is created in very large scale, and at high resolutions. Although they are made available here as canvas prints, they can also be processed onto other types of media for custom signs and displays. That said, you might consider adding some custom text.



Classic Cars


Drag Bikes and Choppers





Art Nouveau



All of these prints are available on canvas. They may also be special ordered on 3M print vinyl or wrap media. The inventory will grow over time, however, if you would like a particular car and scene made up custom, contact me to discuss the details.

  • #1 1959 Chevy El Camino
  • #2 1971 Plymouth 426 Cuda
  • #3 1971 Plymouth 426 Cuda
  • #4 1966 CHEVY NOVA SS
  • #5 1966 CHEVY NOVA SS
  • #6 1934 FORD COUPE / CHOPPED
  • #7 1967 Chevrolet Corvette StingRay 427
  • #9 FUNNY CAR 1
  • #10 FUNNY CAR 2


Prints are processed with 6 deep penetrating UV inhibiting solvent colors. This offers a broader range of values across the spectrum so that each and every element within a scene looks as accurate as it would be in real life.

As some may wish delivery of the item faster, treating of your new print may be included as a complimentary feature and done only by request after placing your order. This 4x layer top-coating process requires an extra 3 days to cure before it can be safely packaged. Either way, all prints are inspected for accuracy, then carefully wrapped with silicone backed paper before inserting into a large tube (relative to canvas size for shipping). If you would like the treatment, you must make your request within 12 hrs from time of order, otherwise, it will be processed without.


Canvas prints are shipped in a tube, thus you will need to build a frame, or have a one built for you. I will add some tips and tricks to this page so that you can see how simple it is to do on your own.



Prints are large and will be packaged in a heavy crush-proof cardboard cylinder to insure safe delivery.


This section is under construction and will be ready soon. It will contain a few images and information on building a frame and stretching your own prints.

All prints will be processed at a width of 48" from it's widest side. If you would like a size made smaller than this, please contact me with your specific details.

To place your order, simply select the code number from the drop down menu (which corresponds to the image sample you would like) and then hit the shopping cart!

For a limited time, all canvas prints are currently pre- holiday discounted by 20% and available for $139.95 + shipping.


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